Metals industry

All you need:
The right solution for any load.

It would be hard to name another sector in which the loads to be lifted are as diverse as in the metals industry. Within the internal flow of materials, the widest variety of goods has to be moved: from scrap metal to molten steel, the range is as large as the experience of BANG Kransysteme.

BANG Kransysteme process cranes link crucial processes in the steel producing industry from melt shop to rolling mill. For precise positioning of heavy weights, customers can choose various mechanical  and electrical means of anti-sway solutions.

BANG crane systems are also equipped with addi­tio­nal safety features: video technology, reversing camera, positioning systems and collision protection. These systems can be efficiently connected and easily maintained using Profibus and ProfiNet communications.

Our range of supply for the metals industry:

  • Slab transport cranes
  • Charging cranes
  • Coil transport cranes
  • Plate handling cranes
  • Blast furnace cranes
  • Scrap cranes/grab cranes
  • Rolling mill cranes

In long-term use:
Excellent performance in extreme conditions.

A BANG crane demonstrates its top performance in long-term opaeration in the metal-processing industry.

Regardless of the loads to be moved: BANG cranes can perform their tasks safely and reliably on a long-term basis, even under harsh operating conditions. This is ensured by well thought-out mechanical designs and cutting-edge electrical drive technology in combination with the use of high-quality components.

BANG cranes in steel producing industry often run in 3-shift operation and are capable of working reliably in dusty environments as well as in high heat. Solutions such as air-conditioned operator cabins, electrical containers and heat shields are among the extensive range of special equipment.

»Our process cranes win over customers on account of their safety, quality and reliability. For us, crane building isn’t just about lifting loads, but rather finding load-bearing solutions.«

Oliver Scholz, Quality Assurance BANG Kransysteme