Automotive industry

Staying ahead:
Efficiency and precision in the automotive industry.

The automotive sector moves within tight sche­dules. Speed, economic efficiency, reliability, precision and a high level of safety are of great significance for production processes.

BANG cranes not only keep up with developments in production; they are so good that they even manage to optimise and accelerate this development.

For example, BANG cranes demonstrate their strengths in body shops worldwide by transporting press tools between the tool storage areas and the press. The efficiency of these production areas in the automotive industry is directly dependent on the crane handling capacity and the precise work of the precisely engineered tool gripper. BANG Kransysteme offers sophisticated technical concepts for efficient automation of material handling processes.

Precise movements enable a fast approach to all target positions. The pick-up and set-down positions of the tool gripper are reached with an accuracy of +/- 10 mm.

In combination with an intelligent, load-dependent speed control and smart routing, a BANG crane contributes a large part to a competitive press shop.

An innovative sway control system *)

- designed to neutralize rotational sway as well – and a two-channel circumnavigation system allow safe crane operation within the narrow spaces close to the transfer presses.

*) In co-operation with our partner CATS GmbH & Co. KG – Visit website

The cranes can be operated in full, half or part automatic mode. After pre-selection of the desired position, the crane moves to its target at just the touch of a button and deposits the load correctly at the pre-determined position.

»The increasing range of car models in the automotive industry requires rapid changeover processes in the press shop. With our auto­mated tool transport crane, we can precisely meet our customers’ demand for safe and fast processes with an extremely high level of reliability.«

Peter Knösel, Sales Manager at BANG Kransysteme