BANG Cranes

Beating gravity:
Safe, reliable, efficient.

Countless numbers of BANG cranes reliably perform their duties worldwide. And this is generally on a 24/7 basis, day after day, over the course of several decades.

With technical expertise and a high level of develop­ment competence, we build cranes that provide superior customer benefit on all levels: with regard to economic efficiency, safety, precision, flexibility and environmental friendliness.

High economic efficiency:

Cooperation between the client and the crane developer at an early planning stage enables tailormade crane design. Partnership-based development ensures the development of custom solutions that best meet the customer’s specifications. BANG cranes guarantee the highest possible availability. They are inexpensive to operate throughout their life cycle: as a result of low energy consumption, low wear and the reduced need for replacement parts, as well as optimised maintenance intervals.

A high level of safety and reliability:

BANG cranes move heavy loads in particularly challenging production areas and risk environments. Maximum reliability and operational safety are achieved through the use of fail-safe control units and high-quality electronic components, combined with  redundant design. BANG cranes meet all national and international standards regarding the design of safe and ergonomic workstations.

Speed and precision:

Automatic controls independently calculate the most efficient route and optimal crane speeds. Cutting-edge drive technology enables rapid acceleration and deceleration while recovering braking energy. Anti-sway systems ensure precise, reliable positioning. BANG cranes are capable of tapping all the potential of industrial automation.

Outstanding flexibility:

BANG cranes can be equipped with magnet systems, vacuum cross beams or tool grippers to accommodate specific customer needs. In addition, the use of warehouse management software enables customisation to suit individual logistics processes and their optimisation.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly:

BANG cranes save power during ongoing operation by using regenerative power feedback technology. This means that it is possible to recover energy instead of heating up brake resistors when lowering a load. BANG Kransysteme also installs motors with energy efficiency ratings that comply with the highest current IEC standard.

Low-energy LED technology is used for the lighting. BANG cranes using this energy concept offer elec­­tricity savings of up to 60% compared to other cranes. With reduced CO2 emissions, energy-saving process cranes make an active contribution to protecting the environment.

»To convince customers, our products must offer long-term benefits for the companies operating our cranes as part of their logistics process.«

Marcus Bang, Managing Director of BANG Kransysteme