| Our best wishes for Christmas!

BANG Kransysteme GmbH & Co. KG would like to thank all our business partners and employees for their cooperation during this year. We wish you a peaceful Christmas and health, happiness and success in the New Year.




 | BANG Multi Purpose Wisch (BMPW) | Now Available!

BANG Kransystem offers newly developed Costum made multi purpose winches (BMPW) as open winch units which can be individually configured for operation with a bottom block or any other load handling device to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

For more information look in our BMPW-flyer.


 | Recertification according to DIN EN 1090: Manufacturer's qualification for steel structures

BANG Kransysteme successfully completed the certification according to the new standard DIN EN 1090 "Execution of steel structures" by October 1st, 2012. Despite the continuing coexistence period of "new" EN and "old" DIN 18000-7 Manufacturer qualification class E,  valid until mid 2014, the company already passed the new certification.

The new standard specifies the requirements for factory production control (FPC) and documents the quality of the specific processes of design, welding, joining, non-destructive testing and corrosion protection of the crane systems manufactures by BANG. Compliance with these requirements was confirmed by KIWA Bautest MPA Dresden by issuing the EC certificate with regular monitoring and assessment.

Cranes are considered steel structures under dynamic, not static loads and thus require classification in the highest performance class EXC 4. The examination and certification include all welding processes according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 used in the company. Therefore, compliance with the comprehensive quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials is flawlessly documented. Compliance with the regulations has now been confirmed by a welding certificate.

Recertification implies the Manufacturer's qualification after the "old" standard DIN 18800-7 Class E, which thus remains valid.

Contact for welding technology:

Dipl. - Ing. (FH) IWE Gregor Neudel
Welding Engineer, Plant Manager Steel construction Falkenstein

Our certificates you can also find as PDF files in the download section. 

  • Steel Construction Plant, Falkenstein

 | Special customized solution

Fully automatic straightening roller manipulator for steel plant in China

The system ordered by Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd. is designed as a double-girder overhead crane with permanently reeved special cross beam and serves to simultaneously change the 9 rollers of a straightening machine, supplied by company Koch H & K, in fully automatic operation. To execute this task, an extremely high positioning accuracy of + /-1mm in horizontal and vertical direction is required.

BANG Kransysteme took up this challenge and developed a special solution to meet all customer requirements for his full satisfaction.

The demands on the positioning accuracy could only be fulfilled with the help of a special solution, developed in cooperation with our partner CATS Crane Automation Technology Systems. Unlike conventional solutions, which would use laser measurement to detect the position of the crane, the system determines the position of the load handling device within in the working space.

This has the advantage that factors such as deflection of crane bridge and crane track under load have no influence on the positioning accuracy.

An integrated sway control serves to further increase the positioning accuracy and to bypass obstacles safely. This solution works better and shows much less wear than concepts with rigid load management or load handling attachments with rope bracing.

Prior to shipment of the system to Tangshan, an intensive factory commissioning including overload test was performed in Oelsnitz. Thus, largely all automatic functions could be thoroughly tested during the commissioning work at our factory. This shortens the startup time on site and allows the end user to put the straightening machine to operation within a short period and to the scheduled date.

The advantages for the customer: the possibility of a short-term fully automatic rolling tool change minimizes the setup time of the straightening machine, provides greater manufacturing flexibility and allows the company to respond to customer orders just in time. Chinese manufacturers could not cope with these strict requirements, and the customer did not regret that he relied on robust and innovative crane technology - Made in Germany.


 | High Technology Crane for AUDI AG, Györ plant (Hungary)

New high capacity suction press combined with BANG cranes

The long-term good business relation between AUDI AG and BANG Kransysteme is continued in the new press shop of AUDI's Györ plant, Hungary.

Scope of delivery:

Double-girder overhead crane 63/25t x 31m
Designed as winch type crane with failsafe Siemens SPS- S7-315F – integrated into the global concept with performance level d according to DIN EN 13849-1

Double-girder overhead crane 66t x 31m
Tool transportation crane with permanently reeved lifting beam, grip tongue, slewing gear and semi-automatic storage management

Special winches perform the task of transporting heavy 65t dies to the reception table of the high capacity suction press - securely and exacly. In co-operation with the customer, a global concept was developed, which facilitates a faster, secure (security category 3; PL d according to DIN EN 13849-1) and more efficient transport of the press dies.

By means of the high-tech storage management system, sway control system and crane SPS, the integrated system determines the minimum lifting hight, required to safely reach the target point.

Safe and fast die change cycles represent just a small component of AUDI's global concept of "Vorsprung durch Technik" (advantage through technology).


 | Swedish steel company relies on continuity

Package order for complete renewal of a crane track and replacement of a process crane for  SMC Sandvik.

BANG Kransysteme in co-operation with Midroc Electro Crane Systems has already delivered more than 20 bridge cranes to the Swedish company SMT/SMC Sandvik.

Deciding factor for this renewed collaboration was the delivery of a total of 7 process cranes in 2011. Within the framework of this order, 6 double girder bridge cranes with rotary trolley and weighing frame were delivered, installed and handed over to the customer within only 14 days, right in time for the start of production after summer holidays. The dismantling of the old crane was also carried out in this time window without interruption of the production process.

The new contract includes:

  • Dismantling of the old crane
  • Dismantling of 96m of crane track
  • Installation of the new crane track and delivery of a double girder bridge crane with rotary trolley

For the turnkey completion of the project including commissioning of the crane system a very narrow time window of 14 days is provided.

With this project, BANG Kransysteme together with Midroc Automation once again demonstrates its high efficiency as a system supplier of structural steel assemblies and highly specialized cranes.

The Sandvik Group
Sandvik is a world-leading manufacturer of high value-added products in stainless steel, special alloys, machinery for mining, cutting tools and high-temperature materials. In 2011 the Group had 50,000 employees and representations in more than 130 countries. The annual turnover was 10.6 billion Euros.


 | Important Milestone in the Ignalina Project

After delivery of the first of in total 190 CONSTOR® RBMK1500/M2 Casks to the newly built Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility of the Lithuanian Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, NUKEM Technologies, its consortium partner GNS and BANG Kransysteme as sub-contractor successfully tested the interaction of the key components delivered by BANG, such as the 125 t Building Crane, the special traverses, the Tilting Dervice and the Casks. Parallely, the future operational staff of the customer INPP was trained by BANG specialists to carry out these operations.

Besides the named Building Crane with the related traverses and the Tilting Device, BANG has already delivered and party installed the following components:

For the Solid Waste Storage Facility (SWSF), Ignalina B4:

  • Storage crane with spreader ZLK20t x 16.9m
  • Storage crane with spreader ZLK10t x 16.3m
  • Rope hoist, hoisting capacity 12.5t

Für das Solid Waste Reception and Container Cleaning im Solid Waste Treatment Facility (SWTF), Ignalina B3:

  • Double girder bridge crane ZLK16t x 7.5m
  • Redundant chain hoist, hoisting capacity 1t
  • Console crane with vacuum gripper, hoisting capacity 500 kg
  • Single girder bridge crane 10t x 9.2m
  • Single girder bridge crane 10t x 13.5m
  • Rope hoist, hoisting capacity 8t

Currently 3 more cranes for the Solid Waste Retrieval Facility (SWRF), Ignalina B2 are under production:

  • Single girder bridge crane 10t x 10,5m (Unloading Crane in Reception Area (RA))
  • Single girder bridge crane 3.2t x 5m (Transport Crane in Maintenance Area (MA))
  • Double girder bridge crane 6.3t x 6.5m (RU1 Crane in the Retrieval Unit 1 (RU1))

NUKEM is building the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility in a consortium with GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH by order of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. The project is financed by the Ignalina decomissioning fund, administered by EBRD.


 | Workshop Crane Technology gleanings

Workshop Crane Technology and inauguration of the new assembly plant on 26 and 27.10.2011

After the initial positive response to our invitation to the Workshop Crane Technology, the successful outcome of the event exceeded all our expectations. More than 120 participants and exhibitors from Germany, Sweden and Spain discussed newest developments of crane technology in the offered seminars. Many guests used the workshop as a platform for individual specialist discussions on the fringes of the event. On guided tours through the assembly plant, on visits to the Falkenstein steel construction plant and on presentations of current crane projects we could convince our visitors of the performance of our company.

At the evening event of the first day, the participants came closer to each other in a relexed atmosphere. New contacts were made, old contacts were refreshed. The event met with great interest from tade press and local media.

On the afternoon of the second day, the ceremonial inauguration of the new building by the representative of the Governor and the Acting Mayor of Oelsnitz took place. The following "Open Day" offered to the interested public the opportunity to learn more about our company.


 | Workshop Crane Technology and Plant Opening

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new assembly plant for process and special cranes on 26./27.10.2011, BANG Kransysteme GmbH & Co. organizes a two-day symposium on Crane Technology and an “Open Day”.

For the special seminars, which will be held on 26. (whole day) and 27.10. (until 12:00 clock), we have already received applications from more than 80 experts and decision makers from the automotive industry, steel industry, nuclear technology and plant engineering.
Presentations of representatives from renowned companies and experts from BANG will inform about the latest developments in crane building. In view of the high profile participants it is certain that the seminars and discussions will take place at a high professional level. Already, the event is considered to be a major event in the crane industry.

At an in-house exhibition, companies of the crane sector will present their latest products and innovations on 12 information stands. This includes companies such as Siemens, Lubas, Sibre, IGUS, VAHLE, Sutec and others.

On the second day, the 27.10, the interested public will have the opportunity to visit the new factory building. Guided tours through the new 10,000 square meter production facility, information on current crane projects and the demonstration of a new sway control system for overhead cranes will help to learn more about the company BANG and its internationally acclaimed products.

A highlight of the day will be the Racing Team Germany with their presentation of IDM bikes and especially the autograph session with racing motorcyclist Didier Grams.


 | VW | Press shop Emden: Tool tong with rotation-sway control

In in April 2010 BANG already installed a first transportation tong for press dies in the VW press shop, Emden, which was equipped with a sway control system. However, at that time the system was not able yet to compensate rotational sway.

However, at that time the system was not able yet to compensate rotational sway. In collaboration with our partner company CATS, we have now succeeded in developing a system that neutralizes rotational sway by means of the tong slewing gear within a few seconds. This is a true novelty. End of April 2011 BANG experts installed a second tong in the Emden press shop, which now works with this new rotational sway control, and also upgraded the first tong with this system. 

The users at VW Emden put the advantages and benefits of the system in the following words:

Wolfgang de Vries (Press shop):
»We save an enormous amount of time, since for safety reasons an uncontrolled rotation is allowed only at slow speed. This improves the productivity of the press plant significantly.«

Hermann Groothuis (Safety engineer): 
»One cannot overestimate the contribution of this new system to increase workplace safety and ergonomics.«


 | Siemens Solution Partner Automation

Drives and Motion Control Cranes

Success through true quality. In order to do justice to this claim on our part, we have entered into a strategic partnership with Siemens Drive Technologies and Industry Automation. As a certified Siemens Solution Partner Automation, we provide you with tailor-made solutions of outstanding quality. You profit from the innovative products and systems of Siemens and from our excellent know-how of solutions and industry.

About BANG Kransysteme GmbH & Co. KG

BANG Crane Systems: an experienced solution provider for lifting tasks in steel and automotive industries as well as for the energy sector. Capable of manufacturing cranes with state of the art control systems and bridge spans up to 50 meters with lifting capacities up to 500t.
BANG Crane Systems operate in the most demanding environments around the world, making processes of internal material flow fast, safe and reliable.
We provide our customers with cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for material handling tasks - for a maximum competitive advantage.

As a leading German manufacturer of customized high performance cranes, our focus lies on robust and high quality solutions for intralogistics. Our tailored
crane systems are designed to meet the requirements of the individual application precisely. 

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